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Kathryn Phillips

Taking a hiatus from rescuing dogs and helping communities across Texas, while much needed, is one of the hardest things we've ever done as a rescue. We have always been able to take deep breaths and keep moving forward, "sucking it up" so to speak when things got hard in rescue...until now. As a whole. we are worn out. Being mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted means we can no longer effectively care for anyone and we need a break to care for ourselves. Our families to include our own dogs have taken a back seat as we work to save other giants from euthanasia. 

For those in rescue, y'all will understand how difficult it is to stop and put yourself first for a change. For those on the sidelines, please step in to fill the gaps left by those of us who need a break. For the dogs out there, we will be back. 

Kathryn Phillips

School of Wags
Mastiff Rescue

Dave Barta

Saving giant breed dogs is our #1 goal at School of Wags!

President aka Dean of Wags note...

Kristy Harris