I want to adopt. What are your requirements? 

​Our requirements are minimal as we strive to place each dog in the home that's right for them. That being said we do not adopt out to families with children under 5.  

Some dogs need a fenced yard because they enjoy laying out in the sun, others never want to leave the house and an apartment would work fine. 

Some dogs love small dogs, cats, other big dogs and some dogs think small animals are tasty treats. 

Each application is scanned then we stalk via social media, conduct an interview possibly multiple interviews, do vet checks, home visits and coordinate with the Dean of Wags on dog selection prior to a potential adopter ever having a meet and greet. 

For a team of volunteers - this takes days so we are honest when we say it could take 2 weeks before an adoption happens with us. We believe our dogs and our success rate proves our process is worth it.   .

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't keep my dog -can you take it? 

This is a tough question.  We will try to work with you to keep the dog in the home the dog knows. If it's a behavior problem, we can offer training advice or recommend a trainer in your area. If it's a medical problem, let's work on that before you surrender your dog. 

Remember that your dog is part of your family and Mastiff bond with their families. Surrendering is often devastating for them.

Still want to surrender? Send an email with pictures of your dog - head and full body shots, copies of vet records, and detailed behavior report to Kathryn@schoolofwags.org  for consideration into our program.  

School of Wags
Mastiff Rescue

Why can't you pull more dogs from shelters?

We only accept dogs into our program if we have a foster for them. We do not pull dogs from shelters to kennel them so if we have no foster, we network the dog to other rescues in the hopes that they can help. 

Where are you located so I can come visit the dogs?

Our dogs live in foster homes and we have no central location. To visit with our dogs, you have to attend an event which you can find on our Facebook page or qualify to adopt one of our dogs. 

Have a question​ you don't see answered here? Email info@schoolofwags.org.

How can I foster with School of Wags? 

Great question! Fostering is a wonderful way to save a life. We have fosters in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Central Texas. We require our fosters to follow the training protocols set by our Board, feed one of 3 selected foods and treat our dog as if it's their own. 

The only thing that keeps most people from fostering is they have a landlord that doesn't allow it or they live in an area we don't currently have resources to care for the dogs. 

I want to help! 

GREAT!! Fill out a volunteer form or go to your local shelter. Dogs always need to interact with people when they are confined in shelters. 

Find a great way to raise funds - it takes between $300-$1200 to get one of our dogs ready to adopt and we spend a large amount of our time fundraising. 

Everyone can do something.