School of Wags
Mastiff Rescue

Foster Requirements:
Provide lots of love
Live within 30 minutes of Belton OR in the Dallas/Fort Worth OR Houston area. ...
Have knowledge of giant breeds as well as room for them in your home.
Provide food from 3 choices: Victor, Diamond Naturals or 4 Health. This allows us to move dogs between homes without causing tummy upset with food changes.
Prepare to kennel train, if needed as well as work on general house manners and basic obedience. Trainers are on staff to assist.
Own your home OR have a letter from your landlord that Mastiffs are acceptable breeds in your rental property.
All pets in your home must be spayed or neutered and UTD on shots or proof of titer testing available.
We cover ALL vet bills for our fosters
We can supply you with a kennel
We provide heartworm medication and can assist with any other need that arises.
Want to help save a life? Foster. It's that simple.