School of Wags
Mastiff Rescue

Our goal has always been to have a safe place for all Mastiffs to go. Even those that can't be rehomed for whatever reason. We have a unique opportunity to offer a space free from risk of euthanasia for dogs that might otherwise be labeled as "too aggressive" to be in a typical rescue, home based foster environment. Will this save every dog? No, but it will make a difference to the ones we can save.

The only thing that will save every dog is education on how this problem happens. To include spay & neuter of all household pets (yes, even if you only have one dog - do the right thing) and correct training methods for successful long term pet ownership or parenting as the case may be.

That being said, the ones we can save from death in shelters are our priorities with this Sanctuary. We've got a long way to go to raise the funds needed and we're confident we'll get there. Check this page often for our sponsors and support them. Let them know you appreciate their support of rescues.

You'll also find a link to our fundraiser page where you can donate as well as watch our progress. Thank you Waggers for taking this journey with us.