School of Wags
Mastiff Rescue

Shop on Amazon? Use and choose School of Wags as your Charity of choice and we will receive a portion of your sales as a donation from Amazon. Nothing else needed from you - easy way to help the dogs!!

Just want to donate some money?

Our foster dogs thank you for your support!!

The following items are needed on a daily basis at School of Wags:

Kennels - 48" - 52"

Dog food - Victor, Natural Balance food roll, and canned tripe

blankets, towels, clean cloth diapers

metal food bowls

Kong toys, Nylabones, real bone chew toys, Jollyballs

blue Dawn dish detergent

Feel free to mail it to School of Wags PO BOX 821545 Fort Worth, TX 76182 and we will distribute it to our fosters. If you prefer to donate in person, email our Dean of Wags THANK YOU

You can shop at Amazon for our big dogs ~ we have a Wishlist

Save money on your dog's medications at


We continue to pull Mastiffs from across Texas and the occasional emaciated Bully breed as well. That takes money and most of the time, we rely on the donations of our followers. Y'all are amazing and keep the dogs taken care of. THANK YOU!! Keep sharing their pictures and needs and we will keep saving them and rehoming them.